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Posted 7th May, 2018

Vivid Sydney Light Show

VIVID Sydney is set to once again illuminate the Sydney CBD with mesmerising light art, installations and projections.

Artists: Ambient & Co: Christopher Simpson (Australia) / Anthony Zeater (Australia) / Isabella Bain (Australia) / James Rotanson (Australia) / Khanh Nguyen (Australia)

Each year Vivid invite artists globally to pitch their ideas for the festival, resulting in a truly unique and wonderful mix of talent. Scharp was approached by Destination NSW to use our photomontage expertise to unify the different concept images produced by the individual lighting artists for Vivid Sydney.

Scharp worked on images from more than ten different images by artists drawn from all corners of the world. Set within iconic Sydney locations such as the Sydney Opera House, works ranged from origami cranes to 3D structures with LED curtains, and inflatable light sculptures.

Artists: VNA Technology Pty Ltd: Jiajie Xiao (Australia) / Jiawei Zhang (Australia) / Kieran Howard (Australia) / Tanju Yildirim (Australia) / Yixi Chen (Australia)

Collaborator: Seekway Technology Limited (China)

Artist: Edison Chen (Australia)

Collaborators: Adam Katz (USA) / Chere Koh (Australia) / Hannah Cheers (Australia) / Kaveh Tabar Heydar (Iran) / Matt Cabanag (Philippines) / Jun Ji Moey (Australia) / Yunke Qu (China) / Nancy Hua (Australia) / Thomas Bremner (New Zealand) / Raymond Zeng (Australia)

Artist: Luke Jerram (UK)

Artist: LIGHTSCULPTURES: Francesco Cappuccio (Italy)

Collaborators: Claudio Catini (Italy) / Louis Cappuccio (Thailand)


More information on the artists and the festival can be found here:


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