Fitzroy Gasworks

Located at the doorstep of Melbourne in Fitzroy, the historical Fitzroy Gasworks site is being redeveloped as an urban village. Spanning 3.9 hectares, this site will offer affordable and environmentally friendly housing options, as well as sports and educational facilities, along with public spaces. Key features include a new public high-school, multi-use sports centre and 1200 apartments with 20% affordable, build to rent.

Collaborating closely with the client team, Scharp played a crucial role in creating a comprehensive 3D design to visualise the overarching master plan vision. Employing various elevated approaches to capture the site’s size and location, we produced multiple 3D renders and photomontages that highlight the distinctive urban design of different areas within the precinct. From showcasing the aerial perspective to portraying the urban activities, our skilled team successfully crafted a detailed fly-through animation movie that provides an immersive experience on various levels.