121 Chomley Street, Prahran

The team at Scharp worked closely with Lucent to create high-end 3D visualisation that accurately captured the essence of the 121 Chomley Street townhouses and their luxurious fittings and finishes. The comprehensive all-in-one sales app played a critical role in the display suite and offered the sales agents additional interactive tools in their sales arsenal. Virtual reality hot spots transported the buyer directly into the development and allowed them to interact with the spaces themselves.

“Every single project in our property portfolio reflects the quality we strive for at Lucent, and 121 Chomley Street is no different. We needed a suite of high-end 3D visualisation that encapsulated the imagination and insight evident in these incredible townhouses, and Scharp’s work exceeded all expectations. The marketing renders, animettes, and 360 virtual tour of the townhouses really brought the project to life and allowed potential buyers to experience first-hand what day-to-day life will be like at 121 Chomley.” Panos Miltiadou, Managing Director, Lucent Group.