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Posted 18th April, 2017

St Joseph, Abbotsford Complete

One of the most rewarding parts of our work at Scharp is when a job we worked on is finally complete. This can often take place many months (even years) after our involvement with the job has finished, but it is always great to see how a project turns out.

Of course, one of the first things we do here at Scharp when a job is completed, is compare photographs with the 3D visuals and CGIs we produced. And it’s always great when the similarities are strong.

One such recently completed job is St Joseph, a new residential development in Abbottsford, designed by award-winning Melbourne architecture firm Kavellaris Urban Design. Located on the historic site of Saint Joseph’s Technical School, this stunning development comprises 71 lofts, podium apartments and townhomes.

Heritage played a key role in the design by KUD, and the architect’s use of hand-picked original photographs from the school’s historical records is displayed prominently across the faceted façade panelling.

The uniqueness of KUD’s design - from the sharp ‘saw-tooth’ angles to the light-filled interiors - provided many opportunities for our 3D Artists to shine, and a challenge that the team gratefully accepted.

As can be seen below in the photographs of the final result, Scharp’s 3D artists captured the essence of the architect’s vision, and successfully interpreted the drawings into lifelike renderings which hold up against the final photographs.

The final CGIs even managed to capture with stunning accuracy, the feel and ambience of the many interior spaces.

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