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Posted 2nd June, 2016

Special Editorial from the Managing Director, Malcolm Schapel

Scharp has excelled in providing the best quality property campaigns and marketing collateral for over 15 years. Whether it be through 3D imagery, fly-throughs, clever creative ideas or brands, we have evolved into your complete in-house creative solution for property marketing!


Our brand has evolved in keeping with what we now have to offer. We are constantly delivering at the highest quality across six new service sectors to the architecture and property industry: Campaigns, Bids, Brands, 3D Images, Movies, Websites & Apps.

Scharp is well versed in delivering marketing campaigns to sell your latest apartment or townhouse development as well as master plan bid such as the winning Queens Wharf and Perth Stadium bids.

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Scharp also delivers new brands or re-brands for companies in the property sector. Our 3D visualisation thoroughbred is second to none, delivering the highest quality CGI’s and fly-throughs in Australia and internationally. We also create, film and deliver movies for the property sector that showcase residential, commercial and major projects.

Last but not least, our commitment to interactive presentations, iPad and tablet apps as well as Virtual Reality has no equivalent in the property industry throughout Australia.

We’ve developed the best methods and management to create collateral for your next development and we stand by it. Through proven experience, we know our in-house products work and we know that our specialised team will be able to deliver what you need to sell your development.

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We work with the best in the industry, from top end schools to international developers. Our creativity is balanced with architectural and design knowledge that merges to create something real, something unique and something that absolutely gets your point of difference across.


Experience is what we have to offer – our complete creative solution in print, production and digital design that is cutting edge and tailor made. It’s all created and delivered by our brilliant staff and technicians at Scharp. No middle man to manage other companies and cost you more or delay  the process. At Scharp, one company creates and delivers all of the marketing collateral from brands, to brochures, to iPad apps. On time, on budget  and to the highest quality. We guarantee it every time!

Now we are delivering cutting edge technology in the form of touchscreens and Virtual Reality (VR) headset apps. Contact us today and we’d be happy to help you produce your development’s marketing collateral needs! See our latest work here.

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