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Posted 4th September, 2017

Green Light For Queen Victoria Market Pavilion

The City of Melbourne’s $250-million redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market (QVM) is one of the more exciting projects to hit the streets of Melbourne for some time.

During the redevelopment of the main market a temporary market pavilion will be installed on the corner of Queen and Franklin Streets. The City of Melbourne ran a competition to find the best possible solution, and the winning proposal was delivered by Breathe Architecture, with a concept that focused on sustainability and practicality for traders and public alike.

By opting for a prefabricated design, Breathe created a 260-metre-long structure that could be quickly erected, then dismantled and moved to a new location once the main QVM redevelopment was completed. The design features an open-air trading hall on the ground level and a greenhouse on the upper level. Thanks to the passive evaporative cooling effects of the upper greenhouse, and the use of reflective glass and galvanized steel to reflect as much heat as possible, the internal temperature will never rise above 28 degrees. Even when outside temperatures soar towards 40, the pavilion will remain cool, solving a problem which plagues the current QVM site.

Breathe commissioned Scharp to produce marketing images to be used as key visual promotion tools, to announce the project on national news television and websites. The challenge was to bring the technically advanced, yet simplistic design to life whilst placing an emphasis on the greenery of the upper greenhouse and of the trees that extend from the lower to upper levels. We used photographs of the existing site with overlayed CGI to create technically accurate photomontages of the final design to ramp up believability and excitement levels. Our portrayal of the food stalls and people needed to convey a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, as well as the festive feel that the QVM has come to be known for.

In the wider context of Melbourne, Scharp has been involved in numerous prominent projects in the city over the years, including the Hamer Hall redevelopment, the Forum Theatre renovation, Melbourne Park redevelopment, and Flinders Street redevelopment proposal.

Scharp has also worked extensively with Major Projects Victoria (now Development Australia), Tennis Australia and the AFL to deliver movies and flythroughs of some of our most recognisable sporting arenas, including AAMI Park, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Margaret Court Arena and Etihad stadium.

We take pride in being chosen to best represent the projects of tomorrow in Melbourne and look forward to sharing more projects in the future.


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