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Posted 16th March, 2018

Scharp Will Market Your Property Development in Sydney Through Graphic Design and Print Brochures

Scharp has 15 years of experience visualising future property developments and marketing properties. We have teams to handle all your needs in-house, so we never have to outsource any part of your job. We provide exceptional work at affordable fee proposals that will stay fixed for the duration of your project.

Property Development in Sydney Using Graphic Design and Print Brochures

Property development marketing can seem like a daunting task when the property doesn’t yet exist in its completed form. However, we love to take up that challenge. We have been successfully helping developers promote their projects for 15 years. You can view some of our property development marketing projects.

Our graphic design team will begin by creating a recognisable brand including a logo and graphic elements. Your brand will be the hallmark of all your property print design and digital media. Your marketing campaign can include a print design scheme with property print brochures, display suites, and photography.

Scharp can help potential investors visualise the property through 3D rendering. We create a 3D rendering of the property development project using 2D plans and 3D architect models and translate them to a computerized 3D model. From the rendering, we can develop walk-through and fly-through animations and movies so the interior and exterior of the property can be envisaged easily by investors.

Our knowledgeable web and graphic designers can take the work of the other teams and turn it into digital media displays such as websites and apps. Touchscreen technology means our staff can turn 3D renderings into interactive walk-throughs of the property. Our web designers are fluent in different operating systems so your digital applications can be available on iPads or tablets.

Scharp Customises Services

We offer a variety of services enabling us to customise a package that suits your needs. If you are a new architect, interior designer, or developer we can start with our graphic design team creating your brand. You will want a logo with fonts, colour scheme, and graphic elements before you start creating other marketing tools such as print brochures because your brand will be incorporated into everything else.

As you develop projects and a client list, you will want to increase your marketing strategies. We can advise you and lead you to the best techniques to ensure the results you desire. We have worked with major brands as well as world-renowned architects and developers thus you can trust that no matter where you are in your career we can help.

Our goal is to make you and your project a success through graph design, print design, digital media, and beyond. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of technological advances so we can continue to offer you state of the art marketing techniques. Whether your career is new or your reputation is established, we can take you to the next level. Contact Scharp at one of our offices in Melbourne or Sydney, and we can set up a meeting or answer your questions.

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