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Posted 16th March, 2018

Your Unified Source for Property Digital Design, Videography, and Marketing in Sydney

How do you take your vision and convert it to something investors see for themselves – without migraines? It’s the digital age after all. Once we relied on easels or chalkboards to sketch a design; today’s market demands advanced visualisation. You get a bonus if you animate your idea with videography.

For projects large and small, you need to make your enthusiasm and concept attractive to the marketplace. But you’re the developer. The architect. The project manager. The visionary. You don’t dabble in 3-D renders and CGIs. You might narrate a presentation, but just don’t have the time to assemble one that gets the desired response. The most significant obstacles for marketing property are creative and technical subtleties.

Not to mention the added problem of providers who know nothing about property or architecture! The search increases the more you contemplate the need for digital design and marketing by people with experience and backgrounds in the field.

Your Source for Property Marketing and Video in Sydney

Sydney’s wisest architects and developers turn to Scharp for a comprehensive property marketing team, from start to finish. We’ve spent the last 15 years building a process and a strong team that creates, refines, and edits every kind of outreach tool. No matter where you want to shine we know how to get you there. If you want 3-D rendering or aerial tours via fly-through simulation video, we have the tools and talent. If it needs humanity in the mix, we can turn it into a short film. If it’s a stunning feat of design and photos suffice, we’re just as capable.

In short, if you do business with Scharp we will be your personal creative and 3-D visualisation agency. We often meet clients confused over how to classify us. They’re usually relieved to find that we’re both! We are your videography team and website design resource. Let us handle your printed materials, creating the words and images. We build your brand design, your apps and create your video.

Simplifying Money, Quantifying Time

There isn’t much to worry about concerning negotiation or navigation of our fees either. If you’re weary of firms providing initial estimates and coming back with more demands for money because they haven’t thought it through, you have reason to see what Scharp offers. Our fees are fixed throughout the length of your project. What you see is what you get. This is the exception and not the rule for property and digital design firms in Sydney.

No developer or architect worth their salt has false impressions about time management. Deadlines and target dates are critical in the property business – something known all too well to Scharp’s handpicked industry staff. Because we don’t outsource our work, the team follows one protocol for cohesion and efficiency standards. We plan and delegate every aspect of your project in reverse to maximise editing and refining time for a satisfying and effective outcome. Contact our account executive team today to learn more.

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