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Posted 16th March, 2018

Reach the Right Target Audience with Your Property Development Marketing in Sydney; Choose Scharp as Your Marketing Agency Today

Every property development is planned and executed with a specific target audience in mind. That audience might be small businesses looking for affordable office space in the middle of Sydney, or it might be successful professionals looking for swanky apartments right in the heart of the CBD. Whoever you are trying to attract needs to be reflected in the branding strategy for your development. Hiring the right property development marketing agency in Sydney can help you strike the right chord with your project from the outset.

Scharp: Your Source for Property Development Marketing in Sydney

If you are looking for a property marketing agency in Sydney, look no further than Scharp. For the past 15 years, the team has been helping property developers, architects, builders, and sales agents attract buyers and tenants to their new building projects. We’ve helped with everything from bids to marketing campaigns to virtual property tours. With so many capabilities under one roof, we are optimally positioned to assist you with property development branding.

Finding a way to set your property development apart from the competition is no easy task. Sydney is a beautiful city with some of the world’s most splendid architecture. How can you carve out a niche for your residential, commercial, or mixed-use development with so many existing structures (and so many other new developments) vying for attention?

At Scharp, we can give you the X-factor required to get your development noticed, buzzed about, and booked—all before the completion of construction. We provide both print and digital marketing collateral, including websites, copywriting, mobile apps, brochures, and virtual tours.

Everything starts with branding. The right branding for your development will draw in the right target audience, which will make every other step of the marketing and sales process more manageable. At Scharp, we work closely with our clients to learn what their properties have to offer and who they are targeting. With this information, we can create a brand identity for the client’s property—and provide marketing materials that mesh with that branding style. Websites, mobile apps, and brochures should have a visual and marketing style that takes its cues from the property’s brand identity. We make sure that all your marketing collateral works in service of branding.

Leave Everything up to Us

When you hire a company to handle your property marketing in Sydney, you should choose a business that can do everything. You don’t want to hire one company to help with brand strategy and then another to handle photography and brochure design. Doing all these things with the same company will ensure stronger cohesion across the campaign. In turn, a more cohesive operation will do a better job of getting your brand message across to customers or tenants.

Whether you need help naming your development, figuring out how to reach your target audience, getting attractive photographs of your property or creating 3D visualisations of something that has yet to be built, Scharp is your property development marketing agency in Sydney. Learn more by getting in touch with us today.

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