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Posted 16th March, 2018

Looking for High-Quality Website Design for Your Property Development? Scharp in Melbourne is the One Creative Solution for all Your Website Needs.

A professional website showcasing your property development is essential in engaging customers to become potential buyers. Customers enjoy interactive websites that highlight different aspects of the property that interests them. Seeing the property in 3D gives the customers the feeling of “being there,” and they can get a feel for the expansiveness, airiness, and luxury of the property.

Scharp in Melbourne excels in creating property development websites and apps that focus on interactive touchscreens and a complete 3D VR experience that dramatically enhances the customer’s experience. Using 3D visualization, 3D movies, renderings, and CGIs give potential buyers the experience to use modern technology to view properties.

Modern and Elegant Property Development Website Design in Melbourne

With over 15 years representing high-end, luxury developments, the professional and highly trained team at Scharp will work closely with you on the details and specifics of your property website or websites. We listen to our clients and deliver sites that thoroughly represent the property.

We have created apps for property development that are mobile-ready for iPads and tablets, making it more convenient for customers to research your properties on the go.

With interactive presentations, customers can experience the feel of the property in 3D, giving the property a more natural look of height, depth, and width. With our touchscreen technology incorporated into the interactive websites, customers can zoom in and out and fly-through the property with the ease of a simple touch. This type of technology can significantly enhance the potential buyer’s experience and help to create an emotional attachment to the property.

Full-Service In-House Property Development Websites

Our highly-trained team of designers at Scharp, pride themselves on customer service and creating only the highest quality modern websites for your property development. We do all our design and creation in-house. This gives you, the client, the opportunity to work with the team from the inception of the design of the website all the way through to the final stages. We collaborate with you individually throughout the entire process to ensure that your property development site exceeds your expectations.

With backgrounds in architecture and real estate, our team understands the language that is necessary to develop a customized site for your specific property. We use verbiage that translates to an in-depth understanding of architecture and building, and yet we create copywriting that customers can understand.

All our quoted fees are fixed fees with no hidden extra costs. When we work with you from conceptualisation of the design project, we discuss costs upfront. We understand that time is of the essence when showcasing your property development. Our goal at Scharp is to deliver your property development websites on time 100% of the time.

Please view our website projects and contact us today to begin your design and collaboration project.

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