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Posted 16th March, 2018

Scharp Creates Graphic Design, Property Development Print and Digital Brochures in Melbourne

Scharp is an industry leader in providing complete property development marketing services. We can offer such comprehensive services because we employ a staff of creative and technical professionals. We never have to outsource any part of the job due to the vast array of services we provide. We are your one innovative solution for your property development marketing needs in Melbourne.

Property Development Print Brochures in Marketing in Melbourne

The key to property development is to get your ideas across to investors, and we are here to help. Our first step is to create your brand. Our graphic design team will design your brand identity including logos, fonts, and colours. Your brand will be featured in all aspects of your marketing campaign including print and digital brochures. Our goal is to design a brand that is uniquely recognisable to your property development projects.

The next step is to begin your marketing campaign with print brochures. Property development brochures are informative publications with literature, photography, and graphic design to give potential buyers a reason to become invested in the property. Brochures can extol not only the amenities of the property development project but also the surrounding area. The allure of a property is more than just a location but all the conveniences and features of the development including neighbouring areas. An effective property development brochure encompasses all the benefits including those not located on the property.

Digital Media in Marketing Property Development

While print is an important tool in marketing, digital is a state of the art medium and is the next step in marketing your project. Our team uses cutting-edge technology to keep you at the top of the list of effective property developers. Once you have a brand and print brochures, it’s time to up your game in the digital world. Scharp can take you to the next level.

Your print brochures can be translated into digital brochures, but our services don’t end there. We can make your project come to life with 3D renderings of the property so investors can visualise the property before a brick is laid. We create computer-generated images from 2D plans so the future exterior and interior of the property can be used to promote it.

Renderings can be converted into fly-through or walk-through animation, movies, interactive apps, and websites. We have teams of designers and interactive developers that can create a complete media package, so your property stands out above the rest. We invite you to view some of our property marketing campaigns to get a better idea of how we can help you.

We are excited to help you visualise your property and marketing campaign. Our studios in Sydney and Melbourne are ready to provide you with high-quality work delivered promptly. Contact one of our Scharp offices to set up an appointment to discuss how we can serve you. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to talk with you regarding a strategy and plan to keep you on the road to success.

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