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Posted 16th March, 2018

Start Selling Your Property Development Before Construction: Work with Scharp as Your Property Development Marketing Agency in Melbourne

It used to be that the only way to sell a property was to walk potential buyers or tenants through a space that already existed. Naturally, this method was not the most efficient one for architects, builders, or property developers. Fortunately, though, technology has provided new and exciting ways for customers to experience properties before completion of construction. As such, it’s far easier than it used to be to start your property development marketing in Melbourne before your company even breaks ground on a new project.

Scharp: Your All-in-One Property Development Marketing Agency in Melbourne

At Scharp, we have been helping architects and developers with their property development marketing for the past 15 years. What makes us a reliable partner in this function, is our ability to provide a wide range of services under the same roof. We don’t just do branding or just photography. Instead, we create full-service campaigns that include everything from realistic artist renderings of your properties to virtual tours.

In short, we provide all the digital and print marketing collateral that you need to start selling your next property project now. Perhaps you are trying to get tenants to sign up for a new apartment building before completion, or maybe you are working to line up businesses to buy space in a commercial development. Either way, our mix of CGI renders, 3D fly-throughs, signage design, branding advice, professional copywriting, website design and app development will provide you with everything you need to start marketing your project immediately.

Scharp is unique in that we are a one-stop shop for property development marketing in Melbourne. Many businesses provide similar services but outsource key functions such as website and app development, 3D rendering or virtual reality tours. By providing all these services and others under the same room, we find that we can provide a more consistent and cohesive vision.

We work hard to adhere to your vision, too. Throughout the project, our artists, developers, designers and branding professionals will collaborate closely with your team. We can accomplish a lot just by looking at 2D architectural drawings or 3D models and turning them into videos, renderings, and other marketing collateral. However, by keeping the lines of communication open and functioning more as partners to your brand than as hired guns, we can provide marketing materials that are more outstanding and closer to your overall vision.

Buyers will appreciate the cohesion. When you can present a prospective tenant or buyer with websites, apps, renderings, and virtual tours that all have the same style and feel, you send the message that you truly know what results you want. If you want a buyer to commit to a property before construction is complete, you need to be steadfast in your vision. At Scharp, we help you strike the right pose.

Start Selling Your Property Today

Why wait until you’ve poured millions of dollars into a development to start selling it? By collaborating with Scharp as your property marketing agency in Melbourne, you can begin the sales process today, months or years ahead of your project’s expected completion date. Get in touch today to get started.

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