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Posted 16th March, 2018

Scharp – One Creative Solution for Your Property Marketing Needs in Melbourne: Video, Videography, and Digital Design

Showcasing your property, development or architectural project using high-quality visualisation is essential in engaging potential buyers. Scharp in Melbourne offers full-service property marketing campaigns that include all aspects of digital design as well as video and videography for your property marketing needs. We create in-house services that will highlight the properties using storyboards, script writing, fly-throughs, voiceovers with music and all video editing.

Included in our property marketing campaign is our team of video and videography experts that can bring your property or project into 3D renders, CGIs, and movies which enhance the visual effect of the property or project.

Scharp Provides Video, Videography, and Digital Design for Property Marketing in Melbourne

Filming properties with video has the capacity to engage potential buyers by allowing them to “walk” through the property and get a feel for the layout and flow of the building or project. This can help create a sense of excitement and emotional attachment for the buyer. When customers are engaged, sales are often increased.

Our highly-qualified team of 3D visualization professionals at Scharp create all the videos and videography in-house, rather than outsourcing to a creative agency that may not fully understand the specifics desired by the real estate or architectural client. We will create the digital design or video and collaborate with you during the property marketing campaign to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

High Standards, High Quality, High Profile – Scharp Delivers for Digital Property Marketing in Melbourne

The creative and professional team at Scharp provides a unique approach to property marketing in that we are a one-stop creative solution to all your marketing campaign needs. Our highly-trained team of professionals will listen to your specific needs and use our background in architecture and interior design to deliver a creative solution to your marketing campaign.

For over 15 years, we have provided real estate offices, developers, and architectural firms with high quality digital design campaigns to showcase properties and projects. These properties include luxury residential homes, upscale townhouses, modern living mixed-use towers and elegant commercial buildings.

We are committed to delivering only the highest quality marketing 100% of the time on time. Our team at Scharp are authorities who communicate efficiently to create a property marketing campaign designed for the individual client. We will create a marketing strategy with brand identity customised for your property.

When we quote fees, they are fixed with no hidden costs. All our communication and contracts are transparent so that you as the client know exactly what you will be receiving from your property marketing campaign. Our prices are fair, cost-effective and we will work within your required budget.

When looking for professional, unique, service-oriented digital design, video and videography for your next development or project in Melbourne, please contact our team at Scharp. We respond promptly and will work efficiently with you on your property marketing digital, video and videography needs.

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