Bays West

Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport Rob Stokes describes Bays West on the Sydney Harbour as having “ all the ingredients to become an incredible place on our harbour and this draft plan unveils a vision for a new waterfront parkland and promenade, a world class Metro line and superb active transport connections”.

Crucially, the historic White Bay Power Station will be protected and reinvented as a community centre surrounded by 2 hectares of green public space.

Our ability and reputation to turn around such a large scale urban project in such a tight timeframe made us the first port of call for the client.

Working hand in hand with regular collaborator COX Architecture, we set to work interpreting the grand vision that the department had for the area, bringing it to life in a series of five aerial and ground-level CGI renders. 

Fully appreciating the importance of such a key project to the city of Sydney, we delivered a professional and timely result, tapping into our past experience of similar projects to recreate the proposed parkland, commercial and residential architecture, that would sit side-by-side with the heritage landmark of the power station..