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Posted 10th July, 2012

Scharp’s Hamer Hall movie makes the front page of The Age

It’s always a pleasant surprise to open up The Age on my iPad over breakfast and see Scharp’s work on the front ‘page’. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction that all the hard work our studio put in has been really worth it, and others (particularly those outside of our industry) will get to share in the work we create.

In this instance the project in question is Melbourne’s iconic Hamer Hall, which is due to re-open later this month to a glorious fanfare. In anticipation of the upcoming launch, The Age is running a piece about how the new works will transform the Arts Centre precinct and the riverbank.

Scharp’s animated fly-through features prominently in the story, and really succeeds in getting across the exciting new design, and the atmosphere and ambience that will be generated along the riverbank.

Read the full article by Miki Perkins in The Age here.

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