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Posted 22nd January, 2015

Scharp Social Media in Action

Team Scharp are a social bunch, embracing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn; there is nothing that we love more than sharing our work, inspirations and insights with our audiences online.

scharp on facebook

Over the past year our expertise in engaging and captivating audiences on the web has also lent itself to developing social media strategies for some of our clients.

Managing Director Malcolm Schapel said, “For many business owners, costly advertising campaigns or splashy PR stunts are neither a viable option, nor the best way to connect to a local audience. Social media helps them face this challenge by building brand awareness for their companies, while keeping costs down.”

When a brand adopts a strategic approach to social media, you can achieve direct engagement with many of your target audiences. With platforms like Twitter and Facebook having over 1.5 billion users collectively, these channels can grant access to vast numbers of people and help generate awareness, create engagement, and ultimately drive revenue.”

A prime example of Scharp social media in action is one of our most recent corporate brand clients, Iurada Property Group. For over three decades, Iurada PG has been involved in the construction and development of commercial and residential properties across Melbourne.

This year before the release of one of their new developments, Iurada PG enlisted Scharp to give them a brand refresh to help them reflect the contemporary developments and projects that they produce. Scharp designed their marketing livery and website, adding a blog tab to help drive their search engine optimisation (SEO).

Iurada on social media

Scharp launched the Iurada Property Group’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram in September and which quickly grew to have an audience of over 150 highly engaged followers.

The addition of sharing buttons on both their website, within the articles on their blog and the addition of a VIP Registration pop up window, also encouraged and increased shares, as well as grow their email database. What’s more, we integrated the option for Iurada to automatically post new blog posts to their separate social media platforms as well. A handy feature especially when time pressed.

making posting to social media easier

“The thing that makes Iurada Property Group’s online presence stand out from the rest is their use of the photography of their developments and projects as visual content. This approach is engaging, shareable and recognisable. It encourages the most amounts of ‘likes’ out of any of their content, and encourages their current and potential client base to keep Iurada front of mind when their next project arises,” said Malcolm.

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