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Posted 15th August, 2012

Scharp delivers successful iPad apps

Fresh on the heels of some intensive iPad app research and development at the start of 2012, Scharp has produced many iPad apps for the property and development market. Our impressive record includes apps for the SCG Trust Masterplan, GWS Giants Stadium, Vantage Highett as well as international defence projects. We now cater for fully-immersive virtual 3D environments as well as virtual gyroscopic images. These apps are not limited to iPads and are easily ported to Android as well as traditional Windows and Mac formats together with plasma touchscreens for display suites. This effectively transforms one app into a multi-platform digital marketing arsenal at a fraction of the cost.

Download the Vantage Highett iPad App here.

And for Android here.

Vantage Highett iPad App Screen

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