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Posted 31st May, 2016

New interactive techniques we’re using with 3D visualisation

Our team is always checking out new ways to bring your designs and our CGIs or fly-throughs to life. Scharp has developed cutting edge 3D techniques in websites, iPad apps and interactive presentations that bring fun together with practicality to your marketing collateral and sales tracking.

One of the more simple yet interesting ways to do this is through the ‘before and after’ slider which can be used in images and movies. We have used this technique in several CGIs as well as fly-through animation for the ‘Queens Wharf, Brisbane’ winning bid that we delivered over 28 images, 4 minutes of flythrough as well as an extensive interactive iPad App. The slider on the image below, used in our app and website for Queens Wharf, allows you to see the current walkway conditions by sliding right, whilst sliding to the left reveals the new design of the boardwalk.

slider demoslider demo

Below is one of the fly-through sequences we produced for our Queens Wharf architectural show reel. Play the movie below to show how the River Express Way on the North bank of the Brisbane River  dissolves to reveal the new public realm that will bring this part of the city to life.

Scharp also creates and produces all of the collateral for property marketing campaigns, with our in-house team of architects, interior and graphic designers as well as movie and interactive technicians who edit, code and produce all of our websites, touchscreens and apps. Another way we have used the slider for off-the-plan sales was in our Westside, Indooroopilly campaign that we recently delivered in Brisbane. Within our website and display suite touchscreen, we added a slider to the kitchen and bathroom images that would showcase the two colour schemes within one 3D image. Use the slider on the bathroom CGI below and slide left or right to reveal each colour scheme.

slider demo
slider demo

Complex buildings and designs have never been so easy to understand with Scharp’s clever use of interactive 3D floorplans. When combining CGI’s and fly-through buttons with our custom floor level slider, intricate 3D spaces inside and below are revealed that normally cannot be understood with simple sections or plans.

Scharp also brings residential apartment developments to life by using similar custom techniques, allowing the purchaser to quickly and easily select their individual apartment from a slider of 3D floor levels to get more of an understanding of each apartment and its orientation, layout, area and cost. Scharp technicians also code registration and sales data depicting which apartments are sold, reserved or available, all updated in real time and pushed to iPad apps, websites and touchscreens instantaneously through the internet, around the world.

Our own secure custom CRM online software stores all the data as well as registration information for ease of tracking customers and sales. We can also connect to most third party sales software and export marketing data reports in the form of Excel, PDF and CSV files.

To view more of our 3D visualisation or techniques used in our property campaigns or websites and apps please visit our work here.

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