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Posted 1st December, 2014

Scharp Insights – Marketing your reception

In the fifteen years of working in the property marketing industry I have visited many companies that don’t think of their reception as a place to market themselves, rather a face to their company which they can spend a lot of money designing, finishing and furnishing to make look brilliant. But few pay attention to the fact that many clients and colleagues who come through their doors are ripe for marketing and that they are their best marketing agents. The old adage that word of mouth is the best form of marketing is so true, and often new work is found or new partnerships are made this way.

So how do you get the most out of a space that, let’s face it, is a temporary waiting area where people will sit and gather for only five minutes? Well tailor this marketing to capture and engage with your guests in five minutes. We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch story… People who know your company don’t often understand the entirety of what you do or what work you are currently doing. So what better way to reinforce this by having quick, interesting and readily available marketing material on hand, or on view?

Printed marketing in the form of brochures or newsletters is usually the form of marketing considered first. It is however hard or expensive to change often, relatively costly in regards to bang for buck and doesn’t have the highest marketing impact. Look to broaden your marketing further to include digital or video content in the form of news, corporate movies or interactive presentations. The bigger the screen the better but appropriate size versus available space needs to be considered just like the TV in your lounge room. An interesting three minute movie is an instant attraction to all and this can also be used in multiple ways such as on your website or part of your own client presentations.

An interactive presentation on a twenty three inch screen is a relatively cheap method of taking this a step further, and you don’t necessarily need someone to create a presentation for you. Just utilise your own website which, if being kept up to date, will constantly change and adapt your marketing material for you without the need for upgrades. And have you thought about changing your out-dated paper sign-in register to a digital version? For instance use an iPad connected to a fixed arm at reception to sign-in everyone coming through your door. They are often willing to give you all of their details, including email, noting though that appropriate privacy policies need to be agreed to if using for them for your own marketing database or e-newsletters.

There are a myriad of ways to improve your passive in-house marketing approach. The more forms of marketing media the better to match your varied clientele and don’t just stop in reception – your whole office is a marketing opportunity.


By Malcolm Schapel
Managing / Creative Director

Malcolm is the founding director of Scharp, which was established in 1999. His background has always been in creative design and his passion for this field started at Adelaide University where he completed his architectural qualifications.

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