Scharp - Creative Studio

Posted 1st February, 2017

KUD Designed St Joseph’s in Abbotsford now built

Scharp would like to congratulate Kavellaris Urban Design on the completion of their award-winning St Joseph project.

The project is built on what used to be the grounds of Saint Joseph’s Technical School, dating back to the 1800s. KUD’s striking design incorporates much of the rich history from the former site. Photographs sourced from the schools’ records were used in the façade by transferring them onto faceted aluminium panels. When moving around the building, the images on each panel converge to reveal larger complete images.

Scharp was commissioned in 2012 to bring KUD’s design to life through several CGI renders and animated flythrough movies. Now constructed, we proudly present a comparison of photographs from the completed project and our CGI renders. (2012 CGI on the left, 2016 photos on the right)

Scharp has also been involved in numerous projects with KUD, including 2 Girls Building, Joseph Place, The Buckley, Spectrum, 101 Maling and more. You can find our images of these projects as well as more information on St Josephs on the KUD website, here.