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Posted 23rd May, 2012

CBD Freeway for Bicycles

The new “B1 – Veloway” concept of a freeway for bicycles in the CBD could soon be a reality.

It is the brainchild of Grant O’Donnell of Strategic Outcomes and Melbourne Life-Form Development, and Donald Bates, co-director of LAB Architecture Studio, and has been in development for over two years now. The design and development team have presented the idea to government, but in their own words they explain that “we have lots of support, but no one has actually come up with the funding to get it further along and we have run out of money to keep pumping into it.”

The B1 – Veloway proposal would link Flinders Street Station to Southern Cross station along the northern bank of the Yarra river, bridging the gap between dedicated bicycle paths along the Yarra from Richmond to those in Docklands. It would tie in with the existing rail infrastructure creating little impact on all forms of transport and allow bicycles to travel continuously and safely on an otherwise congested and dangerous route.

Bates approached Scharp to get the idea across to the public through visual media. He initially conceived doing so with a simple flythrough. Scharp’s creative team took the idea further by delivering a punchy yet explanatory 30 second movie. Our unique in-house team storyboarded, filmed, and created the 3D vision for the entire movie, making it a smooth, simple and cost effective process from initiation to final product.

The final movie has now been broadcast in the media on TV, print and digital media, and the web with great effect. It has already reached a wide audience, allowing every chance for the proposal to secure the desperately needed funding it deserves.

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